Sunday 17 December 2017

Carra: McCarthy could be perfect fit for Liverpool

JAMIE Carragher would drive a nail through Everton hearts and whisk James McCarthy out from under Roberto Martinez for a career as Brendan Rodgers' midfield anchor.

The Sky pundit and former Anfield legend believes that McCarthy would be a perfect addition to Liverpool's midfield.

"I love McCarthy. I think he's a brilliant player. If there was one player I could take from Everton to Liverpool it would be James McCarthy. I think he's just got to add goals," said Carragher.

"I think Jordan Henderson was maybe at that stage a year ago where you really like what you see but there could be a few more goals or assists to take him up another level."

"Even though James McCarthy plays a more defensive role, he's shown he can get forward. He's a complete midfield player - he works hard, he can tackle, he can pass. I think eventually he'll be the captain there."

"He trained at Liverpool when he was about 16 and came from Hamilton. And we were trying to get him. I remember seeing him at the time. "

Carragher believes that McCarthy is the key to getting the best out of Seamus Coleman, for club and country. "The work he does and the cover he gives Seamus Coleman. Coleman likes to bomb forward and the work McCarthy does for him getting back, he allows that. And I'm sure that's something they want to do in the Ireland team as well."

"Last season Coleman was the best right-back in the league - we put him in our team of the year. He was outstanding. But, like everyone, when a team's not playing well, it's very difficult to show your true form so he hasn't had the season he had last season. But you can say that about every Everton player."

Carragher agrees that McCarthy's selfless work off and on the ball may be one of the reasons he doesn't score so much.

"I think there might be a little bit in that. I think him and Gareth Barry do so much work for the full-backs - Leighton Baines on one side, Coleman on the other."

"So James McCarthy spends half his time at right back when I watch Everton. And that's not a criticism; I think that's a tactical thing from Roberto Martinez. I'd class Henderson now as one of the top midfielders in the country - with the goals and assists he's getting - and James McCarthy, if he could add more goals, I think I'd be saying the same about him."

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