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Appleton not out to beat Berg

NEW Blackburn boss Michael Appleton is adamant his first task at Ewood Park is not to beat Henning Berg's 10-game tenure in the job.

Berg was unceremoniously axed at the end of last month after a disastrous spell that brought Rovers just six points.

Now Appleton has his feet under the table, becoming Rovers' fifth boss including caretakers.

And, after speaking to the club's controversial owners Venky's, he is determined to stay beyond the next couple of months.

"It was not about Henning Berg getting 10 games so I'm going to get 11 or 12," said Appleton.

"I had a conversation with the owners and know how ambitious they are.

"The thing that stood out to me was that they needed someone to steady the ship here.

"If I hadn't taken this job, someone else would have done."