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'Absolute disaster' if Leeds don't go up: Ian


Ian Harte. Pic: Sportsfile

Ian Harte. Pic: Sportsfile


Ian Harte. Pic: Sportsfile

Former Leeds United man Ian Harte believes his old club will take legal action if they are denied a chance to play in the Premier League next season due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Decision makers in the English game are still grappling with how to cope with the delay to the season and the uncertainty over a restart, with some clubs calling for no relegation from the Premier League. The top two in the Championship, Leeds and West Brom, could be promoted to an expanded Premier League or else simply denied promotion but Harte says it would be "an absolute disaster" for Leeds if they don't go up.

"There's going to be legal cases all over the shop if Leeds didn't get promoted because they've been waiting patiently to try and get back into the Premier League. They've been unbelievable this season and if they didn't achieve that I think they would be suing," Harte told Football League World.

"Probably PPG (Points Per Game) is the fairest way and that would mean that Leeds and West Brom would go up automatically, but then you would have legal cases in the Premier League."

"Not Norwich, as they are right at the bottom, but Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Brighton, Watford, who have games to play. As it stands Watford are out of the relegation zone, but if it goes to PPG they'd go into the bottom-three and it means they get relegated."