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50,000 signed up


The Olympic Stadium. Photo: PA

The Olympic Stadium. Photo: PA


The Olympic Stadium. Photo: PA

Owner David Gold was confident West Ham had the fanbase to fill the Olympic Stadium on a weekly basis and he has been proved right after it was revealed the club have sold over 50,000 season tickets.

The Hammers announced yesterday that all season passes and VIP Club London memberships at their new home have now sold out.

That will be second only to Manchester United's 55,000 in the Premier League, and Gold could not be more pleased.

He said: "At the beginning of this process people were saying '35,000 West Ham fans in a 55,000-seater stadium, how can that be right?' Well we were optimistic that the fanbase was strong and it's been proven that it's true.

"They always filled this stadium and you can't get 50,000 fans in a 35,000-seater stadium, but once that facility was available the fans came in their numbers and not only have we sold out all of our season tickets, over 50,000, but we've got 10-20,000 fans on a waiting list.

"So they are there, they are anxious to support their football club.

"Our promise to deliver affordable Premiership football has been achieved because we've got the lowest season ticket at £285 a season. We've got children at £99, so not only are we delivering the numbers, we're also delivering affordable football."