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Sherrock: My condition puts me at risk


CAREFUL: Fallon Sherrock. Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

CAREFUL: Fallon Sherrock. Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Getty Images

CAREFUL: Fallon Sherrock. Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Darts star Fallon Sherrock has admitted will be treading with caution when she returns the world's biggest stages due to an underlying kidney condition that puts her in the high-risk category if she were to contract Covid-19.

Sherrock shot to international fame as she won two matches against male opponents at the PDC World Championships last December, but a lucrative darting schedule she had mapped out for 2020 has been halted due to the sporting shutdown around the world.

Plans to play at New York's iconic Madison Square Garden have been put on hold, with the 25-year-old mother-of-one admitting her priority is keeping herself safe as she revealed her fears about stepping outside of her own home.

"I haven't really been out since lockdown because I am at high risk," began Sherrock, who will play darts legend Phil Taylor in Paddy Power Darts From Home series on Sky Sports on Thursday night.

"I catch colds so easily. I know if I go out and someone has got this virus, I know I will get it so I have had to stay in. For someone like me, with my kidney problems, I will have to be very careful. I'm hoping they won't do that without any secure information behind that decision.

"I will still be very cautious in terms of shaking hands with people, keeping my distance if we are told it is safe to go and play darts again.

"At the moment we just don't know what is going to happen with life in general or darts.

"Hopefully, sport can get going when we are through this but my concern is if they lift the lockdown and there is no cure, cases will go up again."

Sherrock believes players need to get used to life without their raucous fanbase for the foreseeable future, with PDC events not set to return until next month at the earliest.

The latest UK government advice suggests sport can aim to return in a controlled environment after June 1 could open the door for the sport to step away from the daily online games that have been played between all the top stars in the last few weeks, with big viewing figures and betting taking place on matches played between players at their own homes.

Hairdresser Sherrock is not in a position to switch to her former career, with all salons closed, and she suggests the short-term future of darts will look very different from what has become the norm.

"We can play darts behind closed doors," continues Sherrock. "It's a good sport to do that with because you don't need all these big audiences. If you have a dartboard and a few cameras, you can play against anyone in the world."

Sherrock takes on Phil Taylor in the Paddy Power Darts From Home series on Sky Sports this Thursday at 7pm.