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Scottish 'concern' over FAI's Delaney

JOHN Delaney's Scottish counterpart has turned up the heat on the embattled FAI CEO by claiming that the row over Delaney's controversial ballad session is a "concern".

Relations between the FAI and the Scottish FA are at an all-time low following Delaney's criticisms of the ticket allocation for the Euro 2016 qualifier in Glasgow, where Delaney claimed that the Scots "really acted unprofessionally".

But Stewart Regan, the SFA's Chief Executive, has waded into the debate over Delaney's late night sing-song.

"I am not sure what lyrics he's been singing but whatever John Delaney has done is a matter for the FAI board to discuss themselves," he said. "But anything that brings the subject matter back into the public eye is of concern."

The FAI board last night issued a statement giving their backing to the CEO, stating "The Board is more than pleased with the way John Delaney is running the Association."