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Screening a success

After a hugely successful first screening session, the Metropolitan area held another screening session for all children born in 1998 at Wanderers last Friday.

The screening was open to all players attending non-rugby playing schools or Section A schools and all rugby club players in the metro area to enhance their knowledge and skill-set while Leinster staff took them through their paces. Leinster CROs Jack Hanratty and Stephen Gore organised the day in conjunction with the Leinster Rugby Coach development department.

Jack said: "It was a great to have nearly 70 players in attendance on the day and having the Leinster CCROs as coaches makes it extremely worthwhile for the players. This is the second screening of the season and a third will be held during the February mid-term, working towards picking a Metropolitan area representative side for summer training."

Hanratty added: "Seeing a player like Adam Byrne playing for Leinster recently, who follows the likes of Shane Horgan and Sean O'Brien to emerge from the Youths set-up, really inspires these players to continue their development."