Tuesday 16 January 2018

Kurt experiences weekend of déjà vu

Leinster’s Kurt McQuilkin
Leinster’s Kurt McQuilkin

It was a case of déjà vu for Leinster defence coach Kurt McQuilkin when he sat down to watch Ireland's World Cup demise on Sunday.

Leinster were short-circuited by The Scarlets on Friday night in much the same way Ireland were by Argentina.

"After watching our game on Saturday morning and then watching the match on Sunday, it was like déjà vu," he said. "It was tough watching it and my heart goes out to the Irish coaching team having to endure that and trying to get a fix in as quick as possible.

"It was pretty much a carbon copy of us on the Friday night against The Scarlets."

It all began with a passive beginning in which The Pumas mirrored Scarlets in that they ate up the ground, blasting aside the would-be defenders.

"If you start soaking early on, you get on the backfoot and once you get on the backfoot trying to get off your line, especially with quick ball coming, becomes difficult.

"You end up soaking and soaking until you wait for someone to put in a big hit.

"If that big hit isn't coming, you tend to soak for long periods. That hinders your line speed."

The similarities between the two games were eerie with Ireland dropping to 17-0 in 13 minutes; Leinster to 25-0 in just over sixty.

This is where the lack of leadership came in.

"You're definitely looking for a strong character to make a statement early on.

"You're looking for a leader to step up and make a mark."

Too many of them were sitting in the stands in Cardiff for Ireland.

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