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Kick-off for city team

The first ever training session of the new Dublin City Council/Leinster Rugby team took place on Thursday with an impressive 33 players arriving at the Clontarf venue.

Players from schools, community groups and rugby enthusiasts joined together to train with rugby coaching staff from Leinster Rugby to learn/develop core rugby skills.

Leinster Rugby's Community Rugby Officer for the Dublin City Council area Jack Hanratty said: "This programme has started for many reasons, one being to give players from non-rugby playing areas a chance to play the sport and to give players the opportunity to play for the metro Team area as a part of the Leinster player development pathway."

This programme will continue to its end goal of playing a match the week of the European cup final against a long standing club or school.

"We are looking for players to wear the blue of Dublin that will hopefully go on and wear the blue of Leinster."

If any other players under 15 who don't play for a club or school are interested in playing please contact jack.hanratty@leinsterrugby.ie or telephone 087-2112817.