Sunday 17 December 2017

Joseph: We'll play Bath way

England star Jonathan Joseph hopes that rugby played "the Bath way" can steer a route towards this season's European Champions Cup semi-finals today.

"It is very player-led (at Bath). We all have our say," Joseph said.

"We are not afraid to play from anywhere, and our style of play is excellent. It really does put a lot of defences under a lot of pressure.

"But we are sensible at the same time. We are going to make decisions, see what the (opposition) defence gives us, and if it is on to run, we will run. If not, we will put it (ball) behind and exert some pressure that way.

"It's a massive challenge. Leinster have been one of the top sides in Europe for many years now. They are a great attacking team as well, and we are going to have to be on top of our game."

"We know they have got a lot of international players to come back, and I guess we know what to expect in some areas.

"For us, we try to concentrate on ourselves quite a lot, rather than get too carried away with what we are facing.

"Obviously, we do have a little bit of detail on them, but we are more concentrated on what we are about - the Bath way - and executing that right."


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