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Jones keeping up with Kearney

Felix Jones has been here before.

The 27 year-old Munster full-back stood on the threshold of World Cup inclusion in 2011 when he damaged his foot in a warm-up against France.

It was the last time he wore green of Ireland at the Aviva Stadium.

"Well, the last home test didn't go too well," he said, in reference to that faithless day.

It was not the injury, more what it took from him that made it hurt so deeply.

He had his foot up back home when Ireland shocked Australia in the Pool and when they went down to Wales in the quarter-final.

He wasn't there to share in the ecstasy and, ultimately, the agony from what might have been at another galling World Cup.

"Yeah, that would have been the killer blow, of course, but I've moved on from it," he said.


"It's just a part of it now and you have to adapt. You might have to change a few things about yourself. You just have to adapt or die, I suppose."

His international career has come alive again as coach Joe Schmidt has watched and rewarded his form for Munster, taking time to note Jones as "a fantastic last defender" last week.

The natural order of things is that Jones could make the bench on Saturday, sitting in behind Rob Kearney, the man who, in reality, forced his move from Leinster to Munster.

There have been six caps for his country since his debut against Scotland in another World Cup warm-up three years ago.

How has it been his Irelad career?

"I'd say it's probably been stop-start. That would be a good way of describing it," he said.

"I've had a couple of injuries that have probably curtailed a little bit of my development there but I keep coming back and keep trying to get myself involved.

"As I said, it's just a massive honour to get up here any time, so just looking to put my best foot forward again."