Thursday 23 November 2017

Jones: I can feel hatred of England

England coach Eddie Jones
England coach Eddie Jones

Controversial coach Eddie Jones has thrown the hand-grenade of the history of "hatred" against England into the build-up against Ireland.

It all seems to be part of a launching pad to grow England's siege mentality in the Six Nations and, ultimately, ahead of the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

"Maybe Clive Woodward summed it up best when he said everyone hates England - that's true," said Jones. "Because of the history that is involved with the social and historical context, there is that long-seated rivalry and hatred of England.

"You can feel it," said the Australian.

The Tasmanian-born 56 year-old certainly must have felt that animosity when coaching the Wallabies to the remarkable World Cup final defeat against Woodward's England back in 2003.

Meanwhile, Jones' statistics about Ireland kicking 60% of their ball managed to increase even without playing a game!

"They kick 70 per cent of their ball away. If they want to do that, good luck to them," Jones said.

"It has worked for them. It is not the way I think you should play rugby but it has been successful for them."

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