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Ferris: I'll come back better

STEPHEN FERRIS has angrily hit back at suggestions that he will be unable to recover from his injury woes by stating that he will return better than ever.

Former Ireland strength and conditioning coach Mike McGurn claimed that Ferris's power and style of play was putting his body under unsustainable pressure.

The Ulsterman (inset) has only lined out three times this season and is currently recuperating from ankle surgery last month, but is hoping to return for some part of the upcoming Six Nations campaign.

"People can say and write what they like, but at the end of the day they don't know me," said Ferris.

"Reading that article, it didn't make me angry, but that is somebody that I've worked with and I think he should have kept his opinions to himself.

"That's my opinion and I know a lot of other people who share that.

"I'm the strongest I've ever been in the gym and personally I feel absolutely fantastic, so I just can't wait to get back out there. When I do get back out there, I think I'll be better than I was when I left off."

Asked if it annoys him when people write off his ability to recover, Ferris said: "Of course it does. Everybody who plays professional rugby gets injured, it is part and parcel of the sport.

"It is getting more and more physical and every time I flick on my Sky Sports app and go to rugby, there is someone else out with a long-term injury. The only people who know me are the medical staff I work with and the players I play with. They know my body and I know my body."