Wednesday 19 September 2018

Eoin Reddan: Players must look at themselves in sacking of Matt O'Connor

Matt O'Connor
Matt O'Connor
Eoin Reddan

Leinster scrum-half Eoin Reddan says the players share in the blame for the sacking of Matt O'Connor (pictured).

The Leinster Professional Games Board felt they had a problem that required immediate surgery and that ultimately led to the P45 being laid at the coach's desk.

"The criticism was always levelled at the group," said Reddan. "As a whole, we didn't perform well enough. It's very hard then for an organisation to come in and rectify that.

"On this occasion, they chose Matt."


O'Connor's popularity added to the sense of loss. A good man and a good coach went down alone.

"Players are still looking at themselves and feel we could have done much more for Matt."

The opinion of hindsight is that O'Connor inherited a poisoned chalice.

His successor will have the same problems without the senior internationals to solve them. Standards have been set. They have to be met. Or else.

"I trust the organisation enough that when they get someone I'll back him and deliver as best I can and trust him to get on with what he needs to get on with.

Eoin Reddan

Eoin Reddan

"The most important thing is that people buy into what he wants. We're going to need to give more to the guy coming in.

"There is a process that goes into selecting that guy.

"The question really is: do I believe in that process? That's what it comes down to. And I do."

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