Wednesday 16 January 2019

England's Eddie Jones is 'The Donald' of world rugby

Simon Zebo. Photo: Sportsfile
Simon Zebo. Photo: Sportsfile

The United States of America have 'The Donald' and England have 'The Eddie.'

These are two leaders who make outlandish statements, oftentimes for no other discernible reason than their own gratification.

Coach Eddie Jones is a psychological genius when he is winning; a whinging ego-maniac when he isn't.

That is the sorry state of sports. Just look at Jose Mourinho. Genius when winning; eejit when not.

At the moment, England are winning, and winning well, enabling the Australian to say what he wants, more or less.

The common thread between all coaches who like to run their mouths is that their players have to win to give their coach or manager the illusion of power.

"I try not to listen to him too much," said Ireland wing Simon Zebo.

"From what I've seen of Eddie Jones, he's obviously not afraid to speak his mind.

"He's new in with England and a fresh voice, a fresh atmosphere and they're obviously feeding off of him, at the moment."

The problem with Jones is that he makes a habit out of coming and going, making a big splash and leaving his players low and dry when his contract comes to an end.

The longest professional job Jones has ever held has been at Australia from 2001-to-2005.

Can England finally be his resting home, the place where he gets to do what he wants for as long as he wants?

The 18 straight victories is one away from a new world-record.

"I wouldn't pay too much attention to whatever he says," said Zebo.

"There's the game plan and whatever is said beforehand isn't of too much importance.

"The important thing is that the players go out and perform and execute the game plan, so whoever's best on the day will prove that in Dublin."

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