Monday 18 December 2017

Briggs' brigade can claim Six Nations

The power of persuasion is very much in the hands of the Irish as they play last away to Scotland tomorrow, writes Des Berry.

Coach Tom Tierney will drill down on the basics, pushing the creeping of scores rather than all-out attack which might leave the Ireland open.

"It's been a huge three months, a lot of change and getting to know new ways," he said.

"We are going to be mentally ready to take Scotland on its merits. We have to win the game first before we are in a position to chance points.

"We are going to concentrate on our basics, in both defence and attack. We are going to keep doing what we have been doing throughout the 6 Nations."

In simple mathematical terms, Ireland are equal on points with champions France and behind 20 on points-difference.

But, the leaders have to play world champions England this evening at Twickenham.

Scotland: C Rollie; N Deans, G Inglis, H Smith, E Sinclair; L Martin, S Law; L Robertson, L Skeldon (capt), T Balmer, D McCormack, E Wassell, R Cook, K Dunbar, J Konkel.

Ireland: N Briggs (capt); H Tyrrell, J Murphy, J Shiels, A Miller; N Stapleton, L Muldoon; R O'Reilly, G bourke, A egan, S Sence, ML Reilly, P Fitzpatrick, C Molloy, H O'Brien.

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