Thursday 24 May 2018

Wickets tumble wildly in Dubai

cricket: England were relieved to emerge from a "nerve-wracking" and barely fathomable first day of the final Test with the edge over Pakistan in Dubai.

The tourists must win at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium to be sure of retaining their world number one status by the time they start their next series in Sri Lanka.

In a match which has already witnessed a welter of 16 wickets, they can claim to be slightly on top.

Pakistan recovered from 44 for seven to a still paltry 99 all out, and then reduced England to 104 for six in reply.

Rocket into semis

SNOOKER: Ronnie O'Sullivan responded further to the pressure generated by the danger of losing his top-16 ranking by booking his place in the semi-finals of the partypoker.net German Masters.

The 36-year-old three-time world champion was on the brink of losing his place among the game's elite when he trailed Andrew Higginson 4-0 in the first round.

But O'Sullivan responded in style, winning five frames in a row to progress and then went on to take care of both Joe Perry and Matthew Stevens.


525 -- Sanantone Music (1st 4L 29.91 SPK); Bens Flutter (1st 1L 29.99 SPK); Winetavern Willy (2nd 4L 29.91 SPK); Lough Maeve (3rd 2L 29.99 SPK); Allen Maeve (2nd 1L 29.99 SPK); Wacky Nanny (3rd 51/2L 29.91 SPK).

575 -- Davris Jim (2nd 31/2L 29.34 GLY); Shelbourne Nat (1st nk 31/82 SPK); Cora The Legend (5th 9L 29.28 SPK); Highview Fortune (6th 12L 29.28 SPK); Olympic Honcho (5th 9L 31.68 NWB); Vale Park (6th 61/2L/nk/nk 31.83 CML).

525 -- Princess Gael (3rd 6L 28.57 WFD); Rockabilly Magic (2ns 1L 33.92 MGR); Crinkill Cowboy (1st 5L 17.93 TRL); Dance Judy (6th 151/4L 29.01 NWB); Colorful Marco (1st 7L 29.65 KKY); Off The Richter (4th 4L 29.10 SPK).

750 -- Spot The Hawk (6th 91/2L/hd 31.10 SPK); Kilmacar Nick (4th 4L 31/36 WFD); Fatboyz Slim (1st 1/2L 42.60 SPK); Tyrur Domingo (2nd 21/2L 31.59 SPK); Piercestown Boy 4th 51/2L/hd 44.57 CML); Yvonnes Flame (2nd 1/2L 42.60 SPK).

525 -- Whitefort Marty (3rd 7L/nk 28.78 SPK); Swords Star (5th 11L/nk 28.78 SPK); Chickaboom (1st 29.04 SPK); Tailteann Gavin (1st 3L 29.08 TRL); What A Frost (2nd 2L 29.28 SPK); Mayo Dazzler (5th 33/4L 29.62 HRX).

525 -- Barefoot Henry (1st 1L 19.17 SPK); Dusseldorf (1st 2L 29.28 SPK); Nearly Six (1st nk 22.42 DLK); Forest Simon (1st 21/2L 30.40 NWB); Lisnakill Roly (2nd 7L 28.78 SPK); Piercestown Fire (5th 41/2L 29.28 SPK).

525 -- Boxer Princess (3rd 3L 31.36 TRL); Bawna Storm (1st 1L 31.14 MGR); Mt Leinster Hill (3rd 33/4L 28.55 SPK); Domestic Lily (1st 11/2L 29.10 SPK); Sawdust Terry (3rd 4L 29.82 SPK); Tyrur Columbo (6th 81/4L/hd 31/35 SPK).

525 -- Swift Impulse (6th 193/4L/sh 28.84 SPK); Piercestown In (5th 71/4Lsh 28.84 SPK); Mutual Consent (5th 61/4L/nk 28.68 SPK); Tyrur Loughery (4th 43/4L/sh 28.84 SPK); Beany Tunes (4th 41/4L/nk 28.68 SPK); Tyrur Sheehy (6th 73/4L/nk 28.68 SPK).

525 -- Ringtown Ben (2nd 3L 28.52 SPK); Allen Grove (1st 3L 28.52 SPK); Brickfield Lee (3rd 41/2L 28.52 SPK); Laytown Coast (1st 2L 28.81 SPK); Barbican Bullet (2nd 2L 28.81 SPK); Tyrur Luigi (3rd 2L/sh 28.81 SPK).

525 -- Droopys Jet (1st sh 28.84 SPK); Swift Marathon (1st 31/2L 28.68 SPK); Swords Jacko (3rd 31/2L/nk 28.68 SPK); Noirs Buachaill (2nd sh 28.84 SPK); Ballybough Hawke (2nd 31/2L 28.68 SPK); Subway Gerry (3rd 4L/sh 28.84 SPK).

525 -- Walk On Fire (5th 8L 28.75 SPK); Hedge Fund (4th 81/2L 28.31 LMK); Lolos Joe (1st 11/2L 28.60 SPK); Airforce Roger (6th 51/2L/sh/nk 28.98 LMK); Shabby Go Chic (1st 21/2L 28.50 SPK); Tyrur Willyjoe (6th 63/4L 31.59 SPK).

550 -- Saleen Kerry (1st 1L 31.30 TRL); Whatsupjack (1st 11/2L 31.36 WFD); Coolykereen Imp (1st 11/2L 28.75 SPK); Fastaway King (2nd 11/2L 29.82 SPK); Barefoot Machine (4th 31/2L/sh 28.98 LMK); Tyrur Lucky (2nd 11/2L 28.75 SPK).

Floating Res: Smiths Wings, Cutaway Buck, Parkfield Harvey, Peggy, Right Tom, Cruises Penar, Davris Joy, Pie Minister, St Mullins Pride, Pucker Up, Fun Time Sally, Longrange Ivor, Mays Milan, Head South, Brickfield Lee, Confident Rankin, Dusseldorf, Barefoot Hero, Paradise Siesta, Beany Tunes, Tyrur Loughery, Peppered Chilli, General Public, Classical Beauty, Whitefort Lough,

Welesbourne Dan.

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