Sunday 22 September 2019

Taylor considers moving up weight

Manager Peters reveals five-belt champ may opt for McCaskill or Brackhaus bouts to make 'history'

MOVIN’ON UP: Undisputed World Lightweight Champion Katie Taylor in attendance at an exclusive Sky VIP event at The Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield in Dublin. Photo by Sam Barnes/Sportsfile
MOVIN’ON UP: Undisputed World Lightweight Champion Katie Taylor in attendance at an exclusive Sky VIP event at The Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield in Dublin. Photo by Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

Five-belt World Professional boxing champion Katie Taylor is considering going up in weight to give herself future options for her career.

As a movie of the Bray girl's life was premiered in Dublin last night, her manager Brian Peters revealed that Katie is considering moving up in weight.

"Katie currently fights at 135lbs, but we could take on Jessica McCaskill at 140. Celia Brackhaus is another option. She fights now at 147, but we could make that match at 141 with weight stipulations. Katie's whole career is all about making history," he added "doing something not done before. "Being undisputed champion is one thing and being a two-weight champion is another."

Of course in boxing, you have to look behind the words and while Peters is right to lay out every option for the pride of Bray, his sentiments could be seen as telling Delphine Persoon that a rematch of her titanic scrap with Katie last month is not necessarily a straightforward arrangement.

Certainly Katie wants to go again. "Here I am with all five belts and a contender for fight of the year. It was probably a bit too exciting for my liking but it was a great, great match and it makes the rematch all the more exciting. The interest in the rematch is going to be incredible."

Katie recently watched the whole Persoon fight back on video, something she normally doesn't do. "I usually do just clips to learn things for the future, but I was just more curious as to how the fight went.

"The video confirmed my instinct on the night that I won it. And I'm a very honest person, I wouldn't say it if I didn't think that."

Amanda Serrano is another possible future opponent for Katie and having recently beaten her sister, that's another fight Katie is looking forward to - maybe later this year.

"My understanding is that she has signed a three-fight deal with a promoter and on that contract she has to fight me, I think as the third fight. She is one fight in so she has to fight again and then I'm the third fight on that contract.

"Amanda is claiming that she didn't see that contract now so I'm not sure what's going on. But obviously a fight that I would absolutely love. They are the biggest fights in women's boxing right now, both that and the Persoon fight."

Before a Persoon rematch could go ahead, another issue for the Taylor camp is that they want the Belgian girl to build up her profile with more fights outside Belgium.

"That fight with Katie was only her second outside Belgium in her career. She needs to fight in the USA and Britain more," insisted Peters, surely hinting that TV companies want to know the opponent for who they are going to pay big bucks.

That's not an issue with Katie, who is closing in on her dream of topping the bill at Madison Square Garden on a big night. "It has been amazing and people's perception of women's boxing and sport in general changed dramatically since I started.

"It's down to all the exposure we've been getting," Katie added. "For the first time in history of women's sport people are seeing the best of women's boxing and football - which is why in position we're in now.

Having been seen with her Dad Pete in Bray a few weeks ago, Katie revealed that all is good in their relationship now even though Pete no longer trains his daughter or advises her professionally. "Things are good with Dad now, very good, everything's good, thank you," Katie added.

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