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Son of Dubs legend Simon Carr abandons school for life as a professional tennis player at the tender age of 15


Simon Carr is hoping to become a pro tennis player

Simon Carr is hoping to become a pro tennis player

Simon Carr is hoping to become a pro tennis player

Simon Carr has just completed his Junior Cert and has decided to embark on a career in professional tennis.

The 15-year-old, who is a son former Dublin footballer and Sunday Game analyst Tommy Carr, has abandoned his studies in an attempt to become the next Rafa Nadal.

Simon, who is ranked 450th at under-18 level and around 79th at under-16 level, fell in love with the game at the age of nine and that has grown to the point where he wishes to become a professional athlete.

"I've given up school. I'm playing junior tournaments at the moment but in a few weeks, I'll be starting on the pro circuit which is the futures pro events," he told The John Murray Show on RTE Radio One.

"You try to get out of them as soon as possible and make the ATP.

"You are really only considered a professional when you get your first ATP point."

Simon will be giving up school to train full-time, compete full-time and attend three-week training blocks in Spain.

His dad Tommy said he is "fully supportive" of the move.

"The option on the table were that Simon continues to go to school and plays tennis on a part-time basis and hopefully he might get picked up and go on a scholarship to the States," Tommy said.

"The other option is that you stop the education process, in terms of the formal education, there is a continual education in a holistic way that can also happen and you go straight into the pro ranks.

"It's quite an experience to go to some of these tournaments. These kids are on a different zone to the normal routine here.

"I don't fully subscribe to the Leaving Cert and college being the only way that we can educate our kids. It's very tunnel-visioned.

"If this project isn't working we'll review it.

"It's a huge decision and huge effort but we have two rules . One is, that Simon gives it 100pc and when he stops giving it 100pc, we'll stop giving it 100pc and the other rule is that there are no excuses.

"As long as that's Simon's attitude towards his sport we'll support it."