Friday 15 December 2017

PPUI sits pretty at 50!

IT'S party-time in Clonmel tonight. The big Five-0 for the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland.

Back on October 9, 1960, the first PPUI Convention was held in Clonmel.

The sport has travelled a long, long way from Tipperary since that historic occasion.

Back then, there were just 42 affiliated clubs. Today the figure stretches deep into the hundreds. Thousands of players tee off each week.

The sport has moved on so much. There's an international flavour to it these days.

The standards and facilities have all improved. And coaching has played it's part.

The Dublin HQ presides over an ever expanding kingdom. The website has had more hits than Roger Whittaker.


'Backspin' delighted all when it spun off the presses. And Dublin has played a central role in the game's development.

The target is to attract more young people into the sport. It has so much to offer all ages.

The PPUI is looking fabulous at fifty, and the faithful are already looking forward to chalking up the century.

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