Thursday 23 January 2020

'Once I get them in the ring, that is when I can shut them up' - Katie Taylor on trash talk

Katie Taylor celebrates following her WBO Women's Super-Lightweight World title fight against Christina Linardatou
Katie Taylor celebrates following her WBO Women's Super-Lightweight World title fight against Christina Linardatou
Katie Taylor celebrates victory over Christina Lindardatou in the WBO Super-Lightweight World Title bout at Manchester Arena

Katie Taylor has promised to "shut up" all her opponents who trash-talk her, but she will do the "talking" in the ring.

In the wake-up of her historic victory in the Manchester Arena on Saturday night which saw her become Ireland's third two-weight world champion, Taylor has set her sights on achieving more breakthrough victories.

Two of her probable future opponents, Amanda Serrano and Delfine Persoon, who she controversially beat to unify the lightweight division in June, have been trash talking her on social media.

Asked whether she would like to 'shut them up', Taylor replied: "I think these fights are going to happen, regardless, so that is where I am going to have a chance to shut them all up.

"I never really respond to any of that. I am always very quiet on social media but once I get them in the ring, that is when I can shut them up.

"My strength is my quiet confidence, and I don't need to talk or to hit back or retaliate or respond to anything. I will just keep quiet and do my talking in the ring.

"But those fights are going to happen eventually and I can't wait for those fights, because they are history-making fights."

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Taylor's opponent on Saturday night, Christina Linardatou, did something different. She trash-talked the Irish fighter in the wake of her unanimous points loss (97-93, 97-93, 96-94), repeatedly referring to her as "a fake".

"I mean fake in that she is not undisputed, she didn't beat me, didn't beat (Delfine) Persoon," she said.

The Greek fighter was clearly infuriated by Taylor's tactics and her decision to fight on the outside and not engage in a slug-fest.

"Of course, I am disappointed. Everybody saw the fight, everybody saw what happened. I feel that I won that fight. I think they are protecting her.

"She shouldn't win fights like that, it is not fair for all the boxers. She lost one fight, she lost a second fight. What is she going to do? She is going to lose all the time and still win another undisputed and say she is a two-weight undisputed.

"People see, they are not stupid. People know. If she respects herself, she will have to give a rematch to me and a rematch to Persoon and then she can say I am undisputed, or I am a champion in two weights.

"I am sorry guys, she is your girl. But this is the truth, this is the reality," declared Linardatou, who claimed she caused the damage to Taylor eye in the second round with a left hook.

The damage had turned into a black eye by the time she arrived for the post fight press conference which was later gate crashed by Linardatou.

Taylor's emotional response during the TV ring interview with Sky immediately after fight MC Michael Buffer announced the result underlined how much winning a fifth world meant to her.

"It was incredible. To be a multi-weight world champion is what every fighter dreams of. I became an undisputed champion a few months ago and here I as a two-weight world champion and it keeps getting better and better."

And there are more historic fights coming Taylor's way, according to her promoter Eddie Hearn.

He revealed that the streaming network DAZN want to promote an all-women boxing card in New York's Madison Square Garden on March 7 next to coincide with International Women's Day with Taylor top of the bill.

"Actually Katie is the governor of the sport and landing a fight against her is like winning the lotto. She is a trail blazer in every respect," said Hearn.

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