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Matsuda's a true survivor

A policeman who narrowly survived last year's tsunami is hoping to win an Olympic gold medal for Japan as the shooting competition gets under way today.

Tomoyuki Matsuda is trying to hit the target in the 10m air pistol category.

The man from Yokohama was in Ishinomaki city in Japan's north east competing in his national airgun championship on March 11, 2011 when an earthquake provoked a tsunami which devastated parts of the country's Pacific coastline.

Ishinomaki was near the epicentre of the quakes and the shooters struggled to stay upright in the range where they were practising. The tsunami that followed swept away their hotel under a massive tide of mud and water.

Egypt in gear

Egypt's Olympic team won't be wearing Chinese knockoffs at the London Games, after all.

Two days after the country's Olympic committee chairman said he had opted for fakes because the real thing was just too expensive, Nike said yesterday that it was donating gear to the Egyptian athletes.

"We are extremely happy that while these athletes are enjoying the greatest sporting event they will be able to wear genuine Nike product," the company said in a statement.

Turkish official dead

Olympic boxing official Garip Erkuyumcu of Turkey was found dead in his London hotel room, the International Boxing Association said last night.

Turkish Boxing Federation chief Bayram Altug said a colleague found 73-year-old Erkuyumcu dead in his bed on Thursday. A heart attack was suspected but autopsy results were expected to determine the exact cause of death, the Turkish boxing body said.