Saturday 16 December 2017

'It's not cricket!' complains India batting legend Sunil

Indian cricket batting legend Sunil Gavaskar (125 Tests), former interim President of tthe Board of Control for Cricket in India, couldn't resist having a pop at the England cricket and football teams when Eoin Morgan's side lost to Bangladesh and exited the World Cup, with one win and four losses in the tournament.

"England have won only one game," he told India's commercial NDTV network. "They are a nothing side. Every time there is a World Cup in football, everyone speaks how they will do this and that but at the end of the day they are just an overrated team, both cricket-wise and football-wise."

William Hill Australia tweeted the cruel jibe, "What's the difference between England and a teabag?" Answer, "The teabag stays in the cup longer." With three wins to their credit, Eoin Morgan's former team mates Ireland play Pakistan on Sunday knowing a win would see them progress to the quarter-finals.


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