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Improved Craig wins semi spot

IRISH paddler Hannah Craig produced a storming second run to qualify for the semi-final of the K1 semi-finals.

The 29-year-old from Antrim was less than impressive on her first run when clipping four gates, to have eight seconds added to her time, which was 117.07 seconds.

Needing an improved performance for qualification, Craig improved dramatically, hitting just one gate, to take 14th spot with only 15 qualifiers.

Thursday's semi-final will see the 15 remaining canoeists battle it out for 10 places in the final.

There will be no room for error with all competitors restricted to just one run.

"I think I'm more excited that people can finally see what I do," Craig said afterwards. "I can share it with them now, they can see the intensity of what I do because it's very hard to explain my sport to people. This course, especially, is a great demonstration of it.

"The world champion got a 50 (second penalty) in the first run. The intensity of this course leaves it wide open for everybody but again it's about focusing on yourself and your performance. Results and medals, they're all things that don't come into the equation."