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Horschel: Players have lost faith

BILLY HORSCHEL said players had "lost respect" for tournament organisers and the US Open due to the poor conditions at Chambers Bay.

Horschel showed his frustration at the bad condition of the greens during the final round, the FedEx Cup winner swinging his putter in a chopping motion towards the sixth green after missing a short putt, but stopping short of making contact.

The world number 20 insisted the players were not expecting perfection, but labelled the fourth green "God awful" and said the hole on the 10th was "literally in dirt".

"I've been waiting for this moment all week," Horschel joked as he spoke after a closing 67. "I can be up here for an hour and I'll keep going.

"I've had this debate on Twitter the last couple of days and it sounds like the players are whining and they're like, 'Well, you're playing for millions of dollars, you're playing for the US Open championship.

"And like I said, we're not looking for perfect greens. We're not looking for Memorial's greens or even last week in Memphis. But we're looking for something that's very consistent and this week they're not.

"Four is God awful. Ten is not much better where it was. That hole is in dirt. It's literally dirt. There's no grass around that hole. I understand Jordan (Spieth) is up on the leaderboard and he's making plenty of putts. But I'm a really good putter as well and I have not had a great week on the greens. And it's not due to the fact that my stroke is off or my speed is off, I've hit a lot of really good putts that have bounced all over the world.

"People out there think we complain a lot as players, and we don't. And when we do, I think we really need to be taken seriously on this. I think a lot of players, and I'm one of them, have lost some respect for the USGA and this championship this year for the greens."

Horschel agreed with Lee Westwood's complaint that the layout made viewing difficult for fans, with none able to stand alongside the par-five eighth.

"Here we are in the Pacific Northwest, where we haven't been since the late '90s for the PGA Championship, and the viewing is awful. When you're not able to get up close and watch championship-calibre players play, it's disappointing. And I feel like the fans got robbed being able to get up close to the players and see the shots we hit and see the course to the degree that we see it.

"To say that they built this golf course for the US Open is awful. And I heard today that Mike Davis (USGA executive director) had input in this golf course, which blows my mind even more that they would build a golf course and not think about the fans and the viewing aspect."