Monday 18 December 2017

Harrington win popular in the crazy world of golf

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

On a week that Padraig Harrington came from being 5 behind with 8 to play to win his second Honda Classic, underlining his ambition to make the Rio Olympics team in the process, the most unexpected story in golf has been the bizarre allegations made by former PGA Tour golfer Dan Olsen that Tiger Woods (above) isn't injured but suspended for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Apart from insisting that Woods will "surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy," Olsen's conspiracy theories also stretched to alleging that, for years, Tiger had been using balls specially doctored by Nike.

Needless to say, these wild remarks prompted a storm of protest and denial from the PGA, Tiger's agent and Nike.

Olsen has since retracted his allegations admitting: "Everything I said was not based on facts."

Also in the news are the difficulties facing golfers in Iran, where the only recognised course has been reduced to thirteen holes following a compulsory army land purchase.


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