Monday 18 December 2017

Great brawl of China leads to a one-month ban

The Chinese men's basketball team have been suspended from training for a month following an on-court punch-up with Brazilian players in a warm-up for the Asian Games.

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) issued an apology to the Brazilian players and immediately barred the Chinese squad from practice while an investigation is carried out.

The game, which took place in central China's Henan province late last Tuesday, descended into violence just 66 seconds after the opening tip-off.

Players exchanged punches and kicks before the brawl was halted and the Brazilian players headed for the locker room.

As they were set to leave the court, however, the Chinese players charged again and the violence reignited.

Chinese basketball has suffered from previous on-court violence, with a fight marring a game with Puerto Rico in 2005, while other sports, particularly soccer, have been plagued by scenes of players attacking each other and referees.

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