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Froch and Groves both convinced ahead of big fight

Carl Froch and George Groves are both convinced they will emerge victorious from their eagerly anticipated re-match at Wembley tomorrow.

The pair were in confident mood at the final pre-fight press conference yesterday, with Groves predicting exactly how he will knock out Froch in front of almost 80,000 fans at Wembley.

“It’ll be the left hook that finishes Carl on Saturday night,” Groves said.

“Anyone who has watched the media workouts or the Behind the Ropes documentary will know we’ve been working on left hooks - the left hook will work.”

Froch responded dryly: “I better pick that right hand up then and get it by my chin.”

Groves beats his chest, Froch rolls his eyes - it’s been that way ever since Howard Foster’s controversial ninth-round stoppage decided the pair’s first fight in the latter’s favour in November.

Far from conclusive, Foster’s intervention has given both fighters a platform for belief.

For WBA and IBF super-middleweight champion Froch, it is confirmation that even with a poor performance, he can get over the line on the biggest stage.

For Groves, it was injustice that scrubbed out his undeniable dominance through the majority of the contest.

“I 100 per cent know I can go 12 rounds - I could have gone 12 rounds the first time,” Groves said.

“That’s why we’re here right now, why it’s being called unfinished business - we’re picking up where the last fight left off and I plan to perform.

“I’m going to get better and better, round on round.

“I’m not going to give anything away but every round I’ll be better and it’s up to Carl to hang in there.”

Froch (

He continued: “I mix it with the elite boxers in the world.

“I’m bringing that confidence and that experience with me into this fight on top of being at absolutely unbelievable shape which will allow me to perform at my best.”