Sunday 17 December 2017

Despite heavy loss, Clarke is confident about future

European Ryder Cup team boss Darren Clarke
European Ryder Cup team boss Darren Clarke

Darren Clarke believes he leaves the Ryder Cup team in good shape despite Europe suffering their heaviest defeat for 35 years at Hazeltine.

Clarke who invited former Ireland rugby captain Paul O'Connell to address his team at Hazeltine, said: "Paul was talking about how you play for the jersey and your number, and when he stopped playing his thing was, did he leave his number five jersey in a better state than he found it?

"My question is did I leave numbers one to 12 in a better state than I found them? Did I maybe share something different, did I do different things? I can't answer that, you better ask them (his players). But I know they've given their all, everything they could for the badge on the shirt.

"I think they are leaving the jersey in a better place and will be a stronger team for it when it comes to Paris (in 2018).


"You do what you feel is your best and that is what I feel I have done. I have taken advice from great leaders in different fields of performance. I took everything and used it, but unfortunately the Americans played a little bit better. That is the nature of our sport.

"You do what you do for your team. I am only there to guide them. Yes, I have put the pairings out but they know how much it is down to them. As they are disappointed for me, I am more disappointed for them."

Asked if Europe should copy the American system of having four wild cards in future, Clarke added: "Why would you have a knee-jerk reaction when the whole system has been doing so well? Absolutely leave it as is.

"They have been successful so far, we've come up against a very, very strong American team and they've played better than we have."

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