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Cycling: Bike Worx series to return

For many a long year, the Phoenix Park in Dublin was a mid-week location for competitive cycling events.

But as more traffic in latter years began to use the 'park' cycling became restricted and finally the towel was thrown in.

Thankfully, cycling has found a new base in the last number of years where the cyclists have a traffic-free location.

Mondello Race Course in Co Kildare fills that vacuum through the ingenuity of two leading cycling clubs, Naas Cycling Club and the Usher Irish Road.

Gary McIlroy of the Usher Irish Road Club explained to me "it was very difficult to organise a race in the Phoenix Park with time constraints and the amount of officials required for a promotion, particularly on a Tuesday evening in the park.

So, 'Bike Worx Series' is back at the race course in Co Kildare. Eight races are in the 2013 fixture list. It rolls out on Tuesday, April 30.

Mondello track is close to the main arteries to and from Dublin guaranteeing easy access for all.

Sign on will open at 7pm, with racing getting under way at 7.30pm.