Friday 24 November 2017

'Big Sexy' is working with Pete Taylor

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Sean Turner feels like a new man since he started training with Pete Taylor. Pic: Sportsfile
Sean Turner feels like a new man since he started training with Pete Taylor. Pic: Sportsfile

Having stopped seven of his 10 opponents, heavyweight Sean Turner can bang. Now the Dubliner is working to improve his skills and ring craft.

"Pete's the man in the driving seat now," he says, confirming he's working with coach Pete Taylor. "You wouldn't believe the difference in me already."

Turner is looking a lot sharper since he teamed up with the man who guided Olympic gold medal winner Katie Taylor to world dominance.

"I dropped back in to my old gym after I was with Pete for just a couple of weeks," says Turner. "And my former coach said he'd never seen me move in the ring like this before. It's brilliant. I'm training six days a week. I'm being pushed all the way."

Unbeaten Turner (10-0, 7KOs) has his sights set on the Irish heavyweight title.

"An Irish title fight will happen this summer," says the man fight fans call 'Big Sexy'. "Con Sheehan will be my next victim. It's all agreed on my part and Con says he wants it. I'm ready."

Turner stopped his opponent on the undercard of Jamie Conlan's WBC title fight in Belfast last month with a decisive left hook in round two.

He's hoping to get a few rounds in when he fights Kamil Sokolowski in Birmingham on April 22.

"Sokolowski is tough," he says. "He should give me a tough test. It'll be nice to get a few rounds. But I'm going to stop him anyway. I'm too fit and too strong for him."

The Polish fighter stopped AJ Carter in his last fight, giving 'Big Dog' his third defeat in 11 bouts.

"Stopping Carter means nothing," insists Turner. "I used to spar a bloke in Belfast who stopped Carter and I beat him every time we got into the ring."

"He's a tough lad but I've fought bigger blokes," he says. "The biggest lad I fought was 6'7". And I knocked him out. This fellow shouldn't be a problem. He looks the part and has big muscles. But he's not going to like it when I hit him.

"I know it's there for me now," he says. "I know I can make good money boxing."

"I'm 26 now and not getting any younger," he adds. "There are a lot of titles out there that I could grab. Irish, Intercontinental, European. The world's my oyster. I mean business."

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