Friday 24 November 2017

Behan head over heels with floor fourth

GYMNASTICS: Irish gymnastic sensation, Kieran Behan, capped a famous week in his career by finishing fourth in the floor final at the London Prepares Series Test Event yesterday.

The 22-year-old, who on Wednesday booked his place at the 2012 Olympic Games, said: "It was just absolutely amazing. It's such an amazing experience.

"I'm just so thrilled to be here. I'm just loving every minute of it.

"I love to show my routine off and it's such a nice feeling to have such a big crowd. It was absolutely wonderful."

Behan was in third place right up until the last competitor and narrowly missed out on the medal podium.

He scored 14.900, with an execution score of 9.000, one of the highest at the event.

Looking ahead to London 2012 Behan said: "I'll definitely maximise my floor and get a good high start value.

"I think that's the only thing I'm missing and get a nice high difficulty and keep the same execution. Whatever happens, happens!"

Scores in gymnastics are made of a start value (the difficulty value of the routine) and an execution value (how well the routine was performed).

"I'm so pleased with the last year and I've had a good start for this year," he stressed.

"I'm still in one piece and that's such a good feeling because it means I can keep improving and doing what I'm good at," added Behan.

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