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Murphy: Roy is no side show

DARYL Murphy has done enough in his career alongside Roy Keane to earn seven mentions in the index of the newly-released autobiography of the current Ireland assistant manager, more plugs than Denis Irwin gets.

And Murphy, who has played under Keane (pictured below) with Sunderland, Ipswich and Ireland, maintains that the current crop of Ireland players are not being distracted by the sideshows which develop around Keane, like the controversies of recent days.

"What goes on off the field has nothing to do with us. There will always be controversy where Roy is involved, something always comes up and that's just the way it is," Murphy told The Herald.

"Lads in the squad may read it but then they forget about it, you can't get bogged down in stuff you have no control over.

"We do read the papers but we don't sit down as a group and chat about it, everyone has their own life and their own way of dealing with things. It's a great group with Ireland and off-field stuff doesn't worry us," added Murphy, who likes Keane's plain-speaking approach when it comes to, say, Everton, to that of his club manager, Mick McCarthy.

"Mick is the same, if thinks he has to say something he will say it. He won't hold back and I like people like that. I prefer when someone says something to my face instead of saying it behind my back. We all know the way Roy is, he speaks his mind and nothing will change that," added Murphy, who enjoyed reading Keane's recent tome.

"I have read the book, I think I came out of it ok. It was a good read."