Friday 15 December 2017

Week 7: Following a plan and gradually increasing fitness levels is the key

Helena Goss who is training for the mini-marathon
Helena Goss who is training for the mini-marathon

THIS week, Louise Heraghty met Team Vhi-Herald’s runner Helena Goss to find out how her preparation for June 1 is going.

Helena is making great progress with her training and is up to a 10-minute jog heading into Week 7 of the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Training Plan.

Helena found the 10-minute run tough (especially with an incline on the road), but she is determined not to focus oncounting down the time but to concentrate instead on keeping going.

She is not too concerned about her pace right now and is more focused on endurance, which is a great attitude, especially for someone working up to run their first 10km. Once

Helena gets her first 10km under her belt she can start to think about pace.

Helena is proving that following a plan and gradually increasing her fitness levels with

interval training really is the way to do it. She has recruited a friend to take part too and together they have decided to do some strength-training sessions in order to help

with their running – this is a great idea.

Resistance exercises like lunges and squats are really beneficial for runners to help build up leg strength. It also helps to prevent injury and improves

overall posture.

Helena has very tight hamstrings so I have advised her to do more flexibility exercises and

to make sure to do her leg stretches after each run to work on loosening them out.

Core work is also very important for runners, and Helena has admitted that her core strength is pretty weak.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on building up her core strength with planks and ab crunches.

When we last spoke, Helena’s footwear was a concern as she was wearing unsuitable

trainers. After having her gait analysis done in Elverys, she discovered that she has a slight over pronation on her left foot and was fitted with structured, cushioned trainers

which have definitely helped with training.

Helena has also discovered the importance of rest days as some days she finds

that she tires easily and feels weaker.

Although sticking to the plan as much as you can is important, it is also essential to listen

to your body. If you are tired or over-training you need to give

yourself time to recover.

Helena’s aim for the halfway mark is to get up to a jog of 20 minutes. She is sticking to the

plan and being consistent, so I don’t doubt that she will make it.

I am really looking forward to helping her progress and achieve her goal on her 40th

birthday, which takes place on the day of the event itself.

Each week training and nutrition support will be provided by the Vhi Support Team of David Gillick and Louise Heraghty. Don’t forget to enter online today at www.Vhiwomensminimarathon.ie. Download the Vhi WMM 2015 App today and join

us on the journey to the starting line on June 1.

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