Saturday 20 January 2018

Week 6: Are you reaching your training milestones

Are you reaching your training milestones?

BY now you should be used to your training schedule and your body should be well-adjusted to your training routine.

There's now only 10 weeks left until the 2015 Vhi Women's Mini Marathon.

Well done if you have been keeping up your training and following our programmes. However, don't be discouraged if you feel like you haven't managed to train as much as you would have liked. There's still plenty of time to set a realistic finishing time for June 1.

For Week 6 of the Walkers plan you will be building on your mileage each day. The aim is to reach 5km by the halfway mark in two weeks time, but you may even be covering close to this distance by now, depending on your pace.

This week the Beginners programme steps up a notch. We will be working out for up to 45 minutes during each session.

You can include cross training every week, or you may need more rest days - listen to your body.

If you do cross train, try to make it a non-impact exercise like walking, cycling, spinning, yoga or Pilates.

The Improvers plan involves a 45 minute run on the final day with more hill runs and speed intervals to help improve pace. For now the emphasis is on endurance and distance.

> Louise Heraghty


To access my full Walkers, Beginner and Improver training programmes for Week 6, download the free Vhi WMM 2015 App from App and Play Stores

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