Wednesday 29 January 2020

Mini Marathon 2015: Merrion meet-up is a massive success

Marion Buggy and Majella Phelan
Marion Buggy and Majella Phelan

The festival-like atmosphere of the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon got an even bigger boost this year with the addition of a gathering place, both pre- and post-event.

 Reunion@MerrionSq proved to be a popular and successful meet-up point, allowing friends and groups to meet up before taking on the 10K course.

It wasn’t just the ease of gathering and reuniting that made this such a hit: the amenities and entertainment on offer served to psyche up the participants, and several of the services were truly special and suited to runners. The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists offered much needed — and  deserved! – post-race massage. There were also plenty of food vendors to help with the euphoric appetite of all the successful participants.

Especially meaningful to everyone who took part was the medal engraving service: all finishers were able to get their names and times emblazoned on their hard-earned medals, for  a mere €5.

With Reunion@MerrionSq open until 6pm, the women had plenty of time to relax, and enjoy their achievement as a group. Rather than have the event just end at the finish line, it allowed the women to revel in their success – together.

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