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McQueen: Macs should get 'horrible reception'

FORMER Scotland man Gordon McQueen has added fuel to the fire for the Scotland-Ireland clash at Parkhead on Friday night by claiming that Irish stars Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy deserve a "horrible reception" from the fans in their native Glasgow.

And the fact that McQueen, capped 30 times between 1974 and 1981, is not only a former team-mate of the current Scotland boss but was also employed by Gordon Strachan as a scout at Middlesbrough will be noted in the Irish camp as McQueen's harsh comments have not gone down well.

"You're born in Glasgow, but then you go and play for somebody else, what's that all about? I'm not having that at all," said McQueen of McGeady and McCarthy, though Everton man McCarthy is a major doubt for the game due to injury.

"I hate that. I've got no time for these players. Will it be hard for them coming back here with Ireland? I really hope so. I hope they get a horrible reception because they deserve it. I'm sure somebody must have asked them to play for Scotland at some stage.

"You're either Scottish or you're not and you should know that by the time you're 12 years of age. I played alongside the likes of Bob Wilson and Bruce Rioch, who were born in England, but they always considered themselves Scottish.

"That's all I want. If you feel Scottish, you're Scottish, but I hate these guys who think: 'I can't get a game for England so I'll play for Scotland'."