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McGeeney blast

CROKE PARK has reacted furiously to claims from Kieran McGeeney relating to the controversial transfer of Seanie Johnston to Kildare.

The Kildare boss alleged on a radio interview after yesterday's qualifier victory over Cavan that you are better off “being sneaky” or “telling lies” in the GAA.

McGeeney described Johnston as “a good fella, he is 100 percent, he is honest. He tried to do everything above board. But unfortunately in the GAA, that isn't always the way to do it.”

GAA director-general Paraic Duffy hit back strongly and declared that the integrity of the process that dealt with Johnston's application to join Kildare club St Kevin's from his native Cavan Gaels was “beyond reproach”.

“I know Kieran McGeeney very well but I have to say I am extremely disappointed with those comments,” Duffy responded.

He said it was the CCCC's job to determine whether the player was genuinely permanently resident in Kildare and, despite the reservations of this committee, the CAC then granted the transfer on a procedural matter.

Former Dublin star Ciaran Whelan backed up Duffy's position, pointing out that Johnston's move was “different than any transfer that has ever happened”.

Whelan suggested that McGeeney may regret making emotionally charged post-match comments that are “slightly inaccurate”.