Thursday 20 September 2018

McDowell to keep quiet over course

FORMER US Open champion Graeme McDowell has heard some reports of Chambers Bay, everything from a massive drop in elevation on a par 3 to a fairway wider than a football field.

Until his first practice round for the US Open, he is reserving judgment. And even so, expect to hear very little from a guy who often has a lot to say. Chalk that up to recent experience.

"We're all guilty of getting caught up in the negativity sometimes," McDowell said.

"I made a promise to myself after Valhalla that I wasn't ever going to get caught up with that again. Someone is going to pick up the trophy and laugh at your comments. You have nothing to gain."

He referred to Valhalla as unplayable during a deluge early in the third round, and that if the PGA of America is opposed to preferred lies, the third round should have been stopped long ago.

"Within your own camp, say what you want," McDowell said. "But there's no point in making comments public.

"Come Thursday morning, you better be ready to ignore the negativity and position your golf ball."

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