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Light-hearted Lowe learns to walk the talk


QUICK: James Lowe. Pic: Sportsfile

QUICK: James Lowe. Pic: Sportsfile


QUICK: James Lowe. Pic: Sportsfile

James Lowe loves to do his talking on the pitch - quite literally.

The quick feet are matched by a quick wit that can be used to gee up his colleagues and ruffle the feathers of his opponents.

There is no man faster into the middle of the group when the forwards have crunched out a scrum penalty.

The serial back-slapper is also quick to join the physical contest as a rampaging force on the ball and a savage man to clear out a ruck.

He bounded into the post-match media scrum in Celtic Park to be met with a question in a thick Scottish brogue.

"Crikey, you've some accent, lad," he shot back.

The life of the part-time comedian, full-time rugby professional has drastically changed since moving away from home in New Zealand to Dublin.

"If you told me three years ago that I'd be sitting here talking to you guys trying to decipher your accents, I would have called your bluff," he said.


"But it's awesome to come over here and learn. I've still got so much to give to the game, so it's an exciting time.

"Where Leinster is at the moment, there's only room for improvement."

There was time to acknowledge the despair that would have enveloped the club had Leinster not come away with one trophy from two finals.

"I related it to Liverpool," he drew the comparison.

"Such a good team but if they don't win a trophy, they'll see it as a bad season even though they're such a good team."

The variety to Leinster's game lacking against Saracens in the European Cup final was partially forced on them by the inclement conditions.

"We learned a lot from Newcastle. We probably got stuck in fourth gear.

"Credit to Sarries putting us under enormous pressure, but we learned over these last two weeks."

"And if we didn't perform, all of that was just talk.

"The fact that we were able to close it out was awesome."