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It's forty years a growing in Barróg

HE has long been the Lord Mayor of Kilbarrack.

In these parts, Dick Fields is cherished.

The community bless the very day he came among them as a teacher.

He has enriched so many lives. And he's still doing it.

He was back on home soil last week, Scoil Eoin.

It was under this roof that Naomh Barróg began in 1974.

And the links between school and club are as strong as ever.


A plaque was unveiled in the school hall and a tree was planted in the school's grounds to mark the relationship.

"We planted a little seed in this building back in 1974 and something beautiful has grown from it," stated Dick.

And this has been his life's work. Giving children the confidence and self-esteem to bloom and grow.

So many of his past pupils are now pillars of Barróg.

"Being in this hall brings back so many memories."

He reflected on the schools first win in Croke Park. "A memory that will last forever," stated John Flynn, who played that day.

Dick saluted the parents. "Without the parents, there would be no Naomh Barróg today.

"And we owe so much to Dr Michael Woods. We would not have got the land for the club's ground without him.

"Kilbarrack was a different place forty years ago," said Michael Woods. Barróg is a wonderful club. It didn't happen by accident. It was the local men and women who have made it happen."

Liam Byrne knows the school corridors well. He is a former pupil.

He's now the club chairman.

"I can still remember the day back in the 70's that Brian Mullins came through the school gates with Sam.

"This school has a special place in our hearts. And it has had such an impact on our club.

"We have 56 teams. We have first-class facilities. We are still growing.

"Martin Nolan, our coach, is doing such magnificent work in all the schools. It's all those that volunteered over the last forty years that have got us to where we are today."

Behind Liam, the red and green colours were on display. The school choir got up to sing. Principal, Cathy Burke, led the applause.

The choir's children will someday hear all about the legend of Dick Fields.