Saturday 25 November 2017

Humphrey to ground out a big best-seller

HUMPHREY Kelleher is back at his writing desk.

He's working on a book that will reveal how the major GAA grounds in the country got their names.

"Say for example Nowlan Park in Kilkenny. What's the history behind it," explains Humphrey.

He's a few months into the project and he's finding it fascinating.

"We must remember that all grounds started with a piece of land. It had to be developed from scratch.

"Somebody put up posts. Somebody built the terraces and dressing-rooms and so on. My aim is to unearth the stories of these grounds, the stories that, perhaps, have never been told, until now."

Humphrey is busy with the research. He enjoys meeting the families and finding out more.

"You have pitches all around the country with such a deep tradition. So many tales to tell.

"And it's important to get all this information because people are passing on, and when they go, that knowledge is gone forever.

"It's vital to record all the facts and their memories for the generations to come. It's part of our social history."

His previous book, The GAA Family Silver, proved a big success.

It told the story of 101 Cups from all across the GAA codes.

It took Humphrey four years to research. Liam O'Neill launched it to much acclaim.

"We were very happy with it. There was a positive reaction. The book was all about how the cups and trophies got named.

"You meet such lovely people. They were delighted that their family members were recognised in such a way. They were really grateful."

Before the book was published, many didn't know any background to how many Cups got their names.

And they included himself. He got the idea when he was asked one day what was the name of the Leinster Minor hurling trophy.

He said to himself that he'd look it up in a book, but there was no book.

Humphrey solved those mysteries, and now he's on another crusade.

If anybody has any interesting information or pictures of the main county grounds around Ireland, he'd appreciate if they could email him at humphreykelleher@gmail.com

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