Wednesday 23 January 2019

Racehorses are like a part of the family

Kingman's early retirement shows just how fragile top race horses can be and yet again is another subtle reminder of just how good Sea The Stars and Frankel were, but also how well they were trained.

Horses that rarely earn headlines or even a line in the sports pages are e still cared for just as much as the top-class stars. It was therefore a great regret last Saturday that a newspaper carried a picture of the ill-fated Wigmore Hall on its front page.

A picture can tell a thousand words but this one didn't - it was out of context.

Wigmore Hall was being put of his misery by a vet after sustaining a horrific injury which meant he couldn't be saved.

When a horse breaks a leg, the bone shatters and a number of issues like the weight of the horse and the almost impossible task of placing the leg in a sling for the desired amount of time.

I consider myself fortunate to be dealing with horses in a training yard every day and I challenge anyone to join me and tell me that these race horses are not looked after like part of the family.

All connected with Wigmore Hall would have been distraught to have lost the horse but for it to be brought back up in such a manner was irresponsible. It's a shame some can't see the level of care these horses receive and how much they mean to people.

The vast majority of racehorses want for nothing.

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