Tuesday 16 January 2018

Barry Geraghty hasn't given up hope of surprise return from injury

Barry Geraghty
Barry Geraghty

BARRY GERAGHTY has not yet given up hope of making a surprise return from injury for the last day of the British jumps season at Sandown on Saturday.

The Meath native, retained by Nicky Henderson in the UK, rates his prospects as "small" but is more hopeful of being back in action for the Punchestown Festival next week.


He reports his leg to be healing extremely well after he sustained a hairline fracture of his tibia in a fall at Downpatrick on March 22 and expects to be back on a horse by the weekend.

"It's coming along well. I was just with my surgeon this morning and he's happy with how it is and he's going to see me towards the weekend and take a view then," said Geraghty .

"I'd be very hopeful of making Punchestown next week.

"It's healed well so far anyway and hopefully it will stand the test when it comes to it.

"It's been good. I've had lots of acupuncture and homeopathy. I've been working hard on it so I've been doing everything I can do.

"I've been on the go the whole time. I've not put on much weight, I'm keeping relatively fit and I'll get back in the saddle this week and get busy before the weekend and see how we go.

"There could be a small chance I'd make Sandown on Saturday but that's all."

Among Henderson's entries at Sandown are Bobs Worth in the bet365 Gold Cup and Sprinter Sacre in the bet365 AP McCoy Celebration Chase.

TOM GEORGE is edging towards running God's Own in the bet365 A P McCoy Celebration Chase at Sandown on Saturday rather than making a return visit to Punchestown next week.

The Slad trainer has yet to make a final decision, but feels the Esher feature may be the better option instead of the BoyleSports Champion Chase next Tuesday, despite the fact God's Own won the Grade One Ryanair Novice Chase at the Kildare venue last spring.

"We're leaning towards Sandown. He's taken his races very well, and he'll definitely get his ground there," said George.

"It's going to help travelling an hour and a half there (Sandown) rather than 12 hours by ferry (to Punchestown) and everything else.

"It's not set in concrete, but we are leaning towards that direction. He seems to take his races unbelievably well. Physically, looking at him you wouldn't know he'd had a race this season. He's a round barrel of a horse and takes it in his stride."


525 - Drumsna Lee (5th 14.5L 28.86 SPK), Riverside Bolt (1st 1L 30.09 SPK), Confey Stan (1st 3L 22.24 MGR), Scruffs Noodles (1st 0.5L 32.5 LGD), Swanley Gem (6th 12.5L/sh 29.83 HRX), How Ya Creator (3rd 7L 29.83 HRX).

525 - Drums And Roses (5th 1.5L/sh/hd 18.41 DBP), Swift Krupa (2nd 1L 29.46 SPK), Autumn Dazzle (4th 5.50L 29.74 YGL), White Charriot (5th 13.5L 29.11 SPK), Valiant Champ (2nd 1L 17.2 DRY), Greenisle Star (3rd 8L 29.07 SPK).

525 - Shamwithshades (1st 1L 19.23 GLY), Drumcrow Spencer (1st 1.5L 29.57 SPK), Music Mistress (1st 3L 29.5 LFD), Scruffs Duke (2nd 12.5L 29.28 LGD), Alanas Impact (1st 4L 29.35 DBP), Tyrur Anthony (6th 14.5L/nk 28.86 SPK).

525 - Autumn Kathy (2nd 0.75L 29.86 YGL), Darkie Devine (1st 4.5L 29.81 HRX), Mohane Billy (3rd 10L 18.91 SPK), Abrakebabra Bee (4th 9L 18.1 DBP), Group Player (3rd 9.5L 28.96 SPK), Dalcash Esk (3rd 9L 29.68 SPK).

750 - Debidee Borte (3rd 3.0L 29.38 DLK), Drompark Dover (2nd 1L 28.97 NWB), Mission Rock (6th 15.0L/hd 41.27 KKY), Highview Hand (1st sh 43.27 SPK), Stateoftheplace (4th 8.5L 32.16 LGD), Sellout Vinnie (5th 5.5L/nk 31.08 LGD).

750 - Starting Monday (4th 5.0L 29.01 SPK), Hightown Hill (1st 3.5L 28.89 DBP), Pipeline Jean (1st 20L 32.03 LGD), Galeforce Seanie (6th 14.5L 34.33 MGR), Vicarsview Flo (5th 7.25L 31.32 LGD), Goldmine Legacy (4th 5L/hd 31.47 LGD).

525 - Two Gold Medals (2nd 4.5L 28.86 SPK), Offshore Head (5th 8.25L 28.81 SPK), Kilgraney Atom (4th 4.5L/hd 29.19 SPK), Run On Cowboy (1st 2.5L 21.83 DLK), Cnoc Ace (4th 1.0L/sh 29.39 CML), Gizmo Truant (2nd 3L 18.19 HRX).

525 - Fridays Noah (1st 6L 19.12 LFD), Run On Champ (1st 1.75L 29.41 DLK), Yes Alfie (4th 5.5L 28.87 SPK), We Couldbe Kings (1st 16.6 KKY), Offshore Bound (2nd 3L 18.91 SPK), Swanley Phantom (2nd 1L 29.98 MGR).

525 - Quinton Abu (6th 13.0L 28.79 SPK), Faypoint Shane (1st 0.5L 29.01 SPK), Voodoo Rebel (2nd 3.5L 28.79 SPK), Kilgraney Hollow (3rd 4.0L 28.76 WFD), Altesse Manziel (1st 19.44 SPK), Group Rebel (3rd 7.5L/hd 28.65 SPK).

525 - Tyrur Clarke (3rd 2.0L 28.77 SPK), Posh Pawn (2nd 4L 28.79 SPK), Autumn Charlie (1st sh 29.06 WFD), Free To Sky (2nd 3L 17.97 THR), Fridays John (1st 5L 21.62 DLK), Master Lynch (3rd 8.0L 28.79 SPK).

Floating res: Our Jody, Nitro Del, Courtlough Hawk, Drumcrow Leo, Beauliege, Look At Marty, Swift Nicole, Meabhaine, Castlegore Holly, Bulls Eye Baby, Saffron Jerry, Garryglass Messi, Jacks Trigger, Parknook Biddy, Wheres Joe.

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