Friday 15 December 2017

Glory hunter Kenny

Wembley win all taht counts for Dalglish

IT'S all about glory for Kenny Dalglish when Liverpool walk out at the redeveloped Wembley Stadium for a Carling Cup showdown with Cardiff on Sunday.

This will be Dalglish’s coming of age at Wembley – his 21st appearance at the iconic stadium as a Liverpool player or manager. But he reminded his players that they must revel in the experience without allowing personal ambitions to get in the way of Liverpool's trophy hunt.

“We are not going there with any selfishness to get any individual glory, the glory will be for the football club and so it should be,” said Dalglish. “The glory and the success is more important than any one of us. The football club must come first.

“It's always going to be a proud moment to lead any club out at Wembley. I'm proud of what this football team have achieved.

“The best finals are the ones you win. A final is only important if you win it.”

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