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Gaelic4Mothers is a big box office smash

IT was the sport's jackpot shot - Gaelic4Mothers & Others.

It continues to grow. Mum's the word!

It brings home why sport was invented in the first place - a pastime to be enjoyed by all.

It's all about getting out there in the fresh air and having a laugh.

Nobody is keeping score. Nobody cares who wins or loses.

It's such a welcoming environment. Keeping fit and healthy and enjoying good company.


It's a chance to get out of the house and away from the duties and the cares of the week.

The annual Blitz Day brings home how much the concept has captured the hearts of women.

Naomh MearnĂ³g and St Sylvester's host the giant production. They are well used to the big days.

On the eve of the All-Ireland final, they stage the Sevens, and they have turned their organisation into a fine art.

This year over 1,100 women arrived to take part in the Gaelic4Mothers festival. The event was blessed with fine weather.

The Ladies Football Association PR supremo, Derek Kinnevey, is a fan.

"It was wonderful to see the buses arrive from every corner of the country. There is such a lovely spirit about the occasion.

"We had record numbers. There were 100 teams, and they represented 77 clubs," revealed Derek.

Sixteen pitches were in use. The Groups had four or five teams.

"Football was the main business of the day. But nobody was keeping score

"Fun is the priority, but at the same time the football is of a very high standard.

"There's plenty of skill on display. And there's good commitment too," adds Derek.

The players also learn qualities that they can carry into their everyday lives.

Present to do the warm-up was Ireland's Mr Motivator, Richie Clifford, who had everybody dancing, running, jogging, punching and kicking.

He gave talks on the value of stretching and toning. "The talks were very beneficial. The women can use them as part of their training routine and implement them into their daily lives.

"The warm-up was a highlight of the day. It lasted for twenty minutes.

"And it was amazing to see over 1,000 women going through their paces on the all-weather pitch with Richie organising everybody into lines.

"They all enjoyed the warm-up so much. There was plenty of laughter when it finished, but a few players needed to have a little rest!

"There was such great humour and entertainment right throughout the day," remarks Derek.

"And there was such a riot of colour. There were jerseys of every shade, plus the extra adornments like wigs, etc," he smiles.

Sport was the real winner. On arrival everybody got a goody bag.

When the last whistle sounded, everybody got a medal.

It was then time to go into the clubhouse for refreshments and to swap the stories of the day.

And soon the players and officials broke into song. And a spot of Riverdancing.

All too quickly, the buses were on their way home, leaving behind the seaside.

For many, the memory of building sand castles as children will last forever. Officials can feel proud that Gaelic4Mothers & Others is build with cement.