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'You can't dwell in self-pity for too long'


Galway boss Micheál Donoghue

Galway boss Micheál Donoghue


Galway boss Micheál Donoghue

Joe Canning has expressed frustration at Galway's surprisingly early exit from this year's Liam MacCarthy race.

The five-time All Star battled back from groin surgery to appear as a 46th minute sub during Galway's fateful trip to Dublin in June. It would prove both his comeback and seasonal swansong.

Even now, he wonders at the freak circumstances whereby Galway could be eliminated despite losing just one of their four Leinster round-robin fixtures ... whereas others in Munster could lose two and still progress.

"It's frustrating as a whole, it's not frustrating personally. It's just frustrating the way we went out," Canning reflected.

"You lose one match and you see other teams maybe losing two ... and still going through. That's the kind of weird thing.

"It's funny, in the last three years we have played 20 championship matches and we've lost two. So when you look at it that way, it's frustrating not to still be involved, but that's the way it goes and you just have to accept it.

"You can't really dwell in self-pity or anything like that for too long. You just have to get on with things and look ahead to next year."

Canning's frustration this year extended beyond that Dublin trauma to some initial reporting of the injury that had threatened to prematurely end his inter-county season.

It happened against Waterford in a league semi-final last March. "I think it was his groin," said Galway boss Micheál Donoghue after the defeat, but a subsequent report depicting the injury as a bad "dead leg" appears to have particularly irked the 30-year-old.

"A piece of the bone came off, the pubic bone, and that was basically it. It was a bit worse than a dead leg, that a lot of people reported," he said yesterday.

"It's more that people were saying to me, 'You got a dead leg and you were stretchered off.' And then people at home were saying it to my parents, and mam and dad didn't even know what was wrong or any of my family - because I didn't know."

Canning claimed the reporting of his injury was "just somebody trying to make a headline, trying to get ahead of somebody else and be the first.

"I think it was Denzel Washington that said a few years ago in a clip - and I actually retweeted a clip of him only about a week before it happened to me - and he said that if you read the news you're misinformed and if you don't you're uninformed."

The former Hurler of the Year concluded: "Like, I didn't even know for a week. I obviously had to get scans and stuff and get medical advice on it. For a reporter to know something before I actually knew myself was a bit strange."