Thursday 23 November 2017

Who do you think you are fooling, Bomber?

I HAVE to say I had a good laugh to myself on Monday morning when I opened the Irish Independent to review the weekend sports action to be greeted with the headline above Eoin Liston's column that read: "Dubs still team to beat despite all Kerry's positives".

I thought to myself "Come on Bomber who are you kidding?"

The dust was still settling on Sunday's All-Ireland quarter-finals and the Kerry PR machine had already swung into action. Kerry must be worried now that they have hit the hype button too early this year.

Usually they like to swop late, peak in September and head back to Tralee or Killarney leaving everyone thinking that they have picked up an easy All-Ireland.

Sure an auld rumour of a dust up in training or a fallout between Kieran Donaghy and Eamonn Fitzmaurice would do the job in the coming weeks to dampen expectation levels!

It could be argued that Kerry are sitting pretty and are exactly where Dublin were this time last year. However, this Kerry team looks a bit more road-tested than Dublin may have been and it is hard to see them getting caught cold in their All-Ireland semi-final.

When you benchmark them and weight them up against the top teams they currently come out on top in many areas: Tried and trusted defensive system - check; Strongest midfield in the country - check; Depth of options from the bench - check. Long-range freetaker - check; Versatility in style of play - check.

Yerra, from where I am sitting 'Bomber' there is only one team in pole position presently!

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