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Vins rally to catch Cuala after break

St Vincent’s, driven by scores from Adam O’Connor and Seamus Tancred, produced a storming ­second-half comeback to pip Cuala.

Darragh McAdam led a brave Cuala effort.

St Vincent’s B: D Campbell, 
C Watters, S O’Brien, D Doyle, 
C Wakely, J Cullen, M Lambe, 
L Corrocher, O Fay, J Kelly, A Nolan, S Jevens, R Flynn, E Davalis, 
E Dawson, B Edwards, D Hyland, 
J Byrne, L Dunne, R Finn, 
D O’Sullivan, A O’Connor, A Welby, S Tancred.

Cuala B: A Moloney, B O’Dowd, 
C Fleming, C Mac Giolla Phádraig, 
C Higgins, D McAdam, D Ó Dálaigh, G Johnson, J Cautley, K McMahon, 
L Dorman, N O’Toole, P Craddock, 
P McGrath, S Kennedy, S Murphy, 
M Brophy, R O’Driscoll, T Handrick.