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TV replay not reason for point U-turn

CROKE PARK have insisted on clarifying that no rule was broken by match officials in the awarding of Eoghan O'Gara's second-half point during Sunday's Leinster football final, writes Conor McKeon.

The score gained instant notoriety after it looked as though linesman Maurice Deegan had responded to prompts from Dublin manager Pat Gilroy and the replay on the big screen beside Hill 16 when he notified referee Marty Duffy that O'Gara's shot had, in fact, gone inside the upright of the Canal End goal. The score had been signalled wide by an umpire upon prompting from Duffy himself.

"Maurice Deegan (linesman) brought it to the referee's attention that he was convinced it was a point," said GAA communications manager Alan Milton. "It had nothing to do with the big screen. Maurice had a very good view from where he was standing and felt straight away that it was a point."

Gilroy, at the time, seemed certain that Deegan, who was standing in close proximity to the Dublin manager, had viewed the replay prior to signaling to Duffy.

"I think it was common sense," Gilroy said after the match. "I think they have to be applauded for that. At least they have video replays there. Whether it's in the rules or they're supposed to do it, that's a different matter."

Meath boss Seamus McEnaney branded the call "a good recovery," insisting he had "no qualms" about the manner in which it was awarded.